Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some quotes from Kimura's book

Here I try to translate some Kimura’s impressive passages, through which he gives description to aida. All passages are quoted from his “Between a person and a person”. (All italics in original. Translation by ST.)

-       “It must be when the self encounters the non-self that a person becomes aware of himself/herself as a person, i.e., the self becomes aware of itself as the self. … Both the self and the non-self become itself respectively, so to say, at the same time. (p. 14)

-       This simultaneity of becoming of the self and the non-self suggests that there is something that gives birth to both in itself. The self does not bring forth the non-self, nor the non-self bring forth the self. The self and the non-self are generated from something at the very moment that the self encounters the non-self, as if both threw off sparks. (pp. 14-15).

-       A person is that which branched off from this something through the encounter of the self with the non-self. This something precedes a person. (p. 15)

-       For the time being, I would like to phrase this something as “between a person and a person”. This does not refer to, of course, the relation between two persons who are already in face-to-face as independent individuals. (p. 15)

[Kimura, B. (1972). Between a person and a person. Tokyo: Kobundo. (Japanese)]